HumiTec S.L.: Humedad en viviendas: HumiTec es la solución definitiva a las humedades por capilaridad, infiltración lateral, condensación y fosos de ascensor.
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Humitec permanently eliminates damp from the walls.

Humitec is a company specializing in damp-proofing treatments.

We permanently root out damp and its consequences (mould, bad smells, saltpeter, stains, falling of coatings, mites, etc.).

We use the most advanced products and techniques for injection of microemulsions of silicones and concentrated resins, which have proven to be 100% effective in treatments against damp due to capillarity.

Because of our ecological commitment , we never use solvents which can damage the environment.

  • We offer you a free professional diagnosis and estimate, at no obligation on your part (also includes travel)
  • Our experience in damp-proofing treatments allows us to offer written guarantees.

These are not only aesthetic problems

The appearance of a damp wall (falling of coatings, stains, saltpeter, mould, bad smells, etc.), is only a visible symptom of more serious problems that have consequences on health, on the structure and on economy.

Among the most significant problems are the unhealthy environment, the progressive weakening of the walls, the increase in heating consumption, etc.

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Damp due to Capillarity

Damp (Humidity) due to capillarity

It is a natural phenomenon. The humidity contained in the soil is absorbed by the foundation, and from the foundation it is absorbed by the walls.
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Damp due to lateral infiltration

Damp due to lateral infiltration

The humidity contained in the soil infiltrates by contact and pressure through the walls.
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Damp due to condensation

Damp due to condensation

Condensation in homes is produced by the accumulation of water vapour in the air and by the differences between the indoor and the outdoor temperature.
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Lift shafts

Lift shafts

The concentration of humidity in shafts causes the vital parts of the lift mechanism and its structure to deteriorate, with the resulting safety risk for its users.
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The definitive solution to damp due to capillarity, lateral infiltration, condensation and lift shafts.

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